sábado, 17 de dezembro de 2011

Mikael Stavöstrand - Dwelling for Peculiar Ones 1

via ajdunct

Ok, starting to write in English from now on here. Not sure if anybody actually reads this, but anyway...

Just found an amazing podcast in Kompakt's blog. Exactly what I wanted to hear now: trippy morning-atmosphere minimal techno. Although also I managed to listen while working on some assignments, it's really gonna hit my charts during my winter holidays. One hour and two minutes of a constant mood. Really great!


1. Black Ice - Smallpeople (Smallville)
2. What's up (Alexkid Dub Remix) - Tigerskin (Two Birds)
3. Romantic Thrills - Sascha Braemer (Still Vol Talent)
4. Muga Muga - Benno Blome & Aengel (Senzen)
5. Fela (SIS Edit) - Audiofly (Get Physical)
6. True Friends - Tobas Coffa (Amam)
7. Alquimisita Verde - Pancho Piedra (Adjunct)
8. Orange Time (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) - Patrick Zigon feat. Cassis (Danza Macabra Records)
9. Within - Avatism (Dumb Unit)
10. The Story About You - Moomin (Smallville)
11. Follow The Smoke (Clovis Remix) - Walker Barnard (Adjunct)
12. Chateau Jalousie - Carsten Jost (Dial)

Mikael Stavöstrand - Dwelling for Peculiar Ones 1